Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saisons Devant

Doesn't Mellanie's display look gorgeous at Saisons Devant in Timaru, New Zealand.

mellanie Brown from Saisons Devant in Timaru New Zealand is one of our best stockists......she is absolutely lovely!! Drop in and have a look at her exquisite little store if you are in the area.

Everyday fashion for 0 -14 years from top children's clothes designers plus your basic essentials.

Saisons Devant specialises in a range of children's clothes for everyday living while also offering those labels for those fashion lovers who want their children to look not only stylish, but modern and sophisticated. We have items for your child whatever your child's style may be traditional, funky, fun or classic.

"What kidz want 2 wear"

With each new season Trelise Cooper , Eureka, Mokopuna, EENI MEENI MINI MOH , Lamington, Merino Kids , Thunderwear , Three Little Trees (to name a few) produce new collections, many with special themes or 'stories'. Distinctive style and fashion.

It's not just about design flair. Our designers clothing is manufactured from the finest quality materials. All follow a close attention to detail, resulting in children's clothing that offers a superior quality to that found from regular children's clothing manufacturers. Clothing that is made to last.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Love by Geneine Honey

is a Melbourne based fashion label begun by Geneine Honey in 2002. Geneine uses her own drawings as a source of inspiration for her designs, which include a range of acrylic jewellery in shapes that hark back to the innocence and romance of childhood's imaginary worlds. She also produces elegant designs in anodised aluminium and sterling silver. love's pieces are all manufactured, assembled and dreamt up in Australia, and they are all you need to turn your everyday outfits into something special.

My "I want to be a real boy" just arrived in the mail and it is even better in real life! so cute, check out "I want to be a real girl" and other gorgeous designs HERE.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Congratulations to Sandra (of ISAK) on the birth of her brand new un-named baby boy!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Renee & Jeremy

I saw these guys on Lisa's blog Modeco. I think i had been on their website for about 30 seconds and i was entering in my paypal details for my own copy! Their music is so so pretty! I am hooked!

The other night i was on my way out (with no kids in the care) and when i got to my destination 20 minutes later - i realised that i still had the "ABD kids - silly songs for the car" CD playing and not only that, the worst thing was that the whole trip there i was singing the songs without even realising!! I would be more than happy to listen to Renee & Jeremys lullabies for hours - kids or no kids!!

Check out their website here!!