Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yummy Dinner...

After being broken into and having my poor baby (computer) stolen i finally have a new one - unfortunately when i plugged my backup disk in i found out it is corrupt!! AAHHH...i have lost everything, all my kids photos, all our work info and all my wedding planning stuff for our wedding in September! A note to everyone to make double backups or use an internet backup service....i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy if i had one!

Anyway - i'm not here to whinge about it, i'm hear to share my dinner with you - I made it up and it is a winner!!

"Kate's dont know what you would call it Pouches..."


Bacon - about 5 rashers
2tbs butter
2tbs plain flour
some broccoli
some carrots - i used my neighbours fresh ones and i think that made a huge difference!
Stock - about 200 - 300 ml
cornflour - just a bit
1/2 a thing of cream


Steam broccoli and carrots.
Fry garlic with bacon in butter until nearly crisp...add plain flour and stir for a minute. Add stock and cook for further minute or 2.
Mash the broccoli and carrots roughly and add to mixture....
Stir in the cream and if needed add some cornflour that has been mixed with water or stock and stir again until thickish (like a pie filling)...

Put the mixture in pastry triangles and fold up at the sides so that it kinda looks like a pouch - brush with egg water or butter and cook for about 25mins at 180deg c..

The mixture doesnt look that great but my kids who don't like pastry munched 3 bowls of it on its own each!

Cut one whole pastry sheet in half diagonally to make a triangle then put a blob of mix in the middle and pouch it up!

A pic of what i get to look at while i'm cooking!
(especially for you little diva - nasty ay ha ha)