Friday, April 30, 2010


Now for our NZ customers............Where can you buy our clothes??


Cherish Child - Also open have a brick and mortar store in Mount Maunganui

Our clothes are also sold in Wellington at the Child Boutique - website coming soon!

Stay tuned for next summer though, we have a heap more NZ shops on board with thanks to our awesome NZ agent!

Tomorrows blog I will cover where to buy in Europe...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our onliners!

While we are on the subject of online stores I thought I would let you know about all of the places where you can purchase three little trees online! Not all of them have the same stock so make sure to check them all out if you are looking for something special!

There are soooo many online stores out there or opening and it's really hard because at present we turn down about 3 online enquiries a week that get added to our waiting list! We have to keep them to a minimum to be fair to our current online stockists........and just quietly we think we have the best pick of the bunch ;)

Click on the links below and it will take you straight to our clothes:

Little Pinwheel - which Jac spoke about yesterday.

Shop House - Where you can see pictures of our clothes on their very own models

Little Pinwheel

Hi Guys......
I am in a blogging mood tonight! So here is my second blog for the day!

Little Pinwheel is one of our most favorite online children's stores. They have the most adorable pieces of clothing for boys and girls; including Three Little Trees! he he.
Hayley form "Little Pinwheel" sent us the most beautiful email yesterday that I just had to share with you all! Thanks Hayley, we think you are FANTASTIC too!!
"hello lovely!

I have to say to you and to Jac, your label rocks. Seriously it sells out for me every season and hardly any goes on sale. I can already see it is doing much the same this year. All poppy tights sold, all hazel top sold and the others are not far behind! Thanks lovely ladies for such a great brand that has such a big following.


xx "

Go and check out Little Pinwheel for the best kids fashion around!

Lily lost her first tooth and so did Daddy!

The potato pretending to be a tooth!!
Lily with her gap

Lily lost her first tooth today at school! She was so proud of herself when she got off the school bus and she had kept it safe all day! She had to go to gymnastics straight after school so we wrapped the tooth up safely in a minty wrapper (the only thing we could find in the car!) and she went off to gymnastics.

We came home and got the tooth out of the wrapper and placed it into a glass of water. I said to my husband in front of lily, "Now Daddy this is where Lilys tooth is ready for the tooth fairy to come and collect". showing him the glass, My husband nodded and continued to sip his beer and stir the dinner.

We had dinner and I was about to take the kids to bed when I went to get the glass with the tooth in it BUT........... much to my horror the glass was empty!!!!!
Lily was in the bathroom brushing her remaining teeth and i grabbed Justin discretely and whispered "Where is the tooth that was in this glass?????" he said "OMG was it in THAT glass?!?!?!" (MEN!!!) he ran straight to the kitchen sink hoping that it would still by chance be sitting there amongst the food scraps he had scraped from the plates..... nope, no tooth!!!

What were we going to do? Quick thinking turned me to a potato while Justin stalled Lily in the bathroom. I grabbed the glass, put a small piece of potato in it and filled it with water.
Lily jumped into bed and wanted to see her tooth one last time; I held the glass up from a distance and said "QUICK! You need to go to sleep so the tooth fairy will come" she replied "Mummy I think my tooth must have been thirsty, it has grown a lot bigger in the water!"
Ha ha...... What a relief!!! It worked.
Very funny though!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Noon Accessories for all hair types

The designer herself, Janine has thick short hair
These are the pony tail ties made with super strong clear elastics
Hayley has really thick heavy hair
Maya has very fine wispy hair that most hair ties and clips fall out of.
So many variations to choose from!
My daughter Lily with fine long hair
4 month old Matilda who barely has any hair!

One of Three Little Trees Best friend's Janine, is extremely talented and creates beautiful hand made hair accessories called "NOON". Each piece is individual and hand made with passion and love, she even hand crochets the detail! The best thing is that they are great for babies with a hair challenge and adults with a thick head of hair... they dress up any out fit! When ever my little girl Lily wears her clips she gets lots of beautiful compliments.
They are so comfortable to wear as well, the specially designed metal clips are non slip and tiny, I know that Lily forgets she is even wearing them and they are one of the only clips I know that will stay in her hair all day.

Retail prices start from $5.95 and can be found in "Dragon Fly" at Burleigh Heads and "Baby Empire" Bundaberg . To see Noons wonderful range and prices email Janine at or call her on 0414544060 AND as a special offer to Three Little Trees fans she is offering a fantastic 10% discount, simply mention "Three Little Trees" in your enquiry.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mayas new toy box...

My aunty and uncle recently visited from Michigan in the States and mum took them down to Murwillumbah for the day - there they discovered lots of interesting shops that have popped up.....Organic Revolution was one of them and mum bought maya a new "toy box" which i am in love with - so much so that mum gave me the laundry basket that she had bought as well!
They are fair trade and made in Cambodia by landmine victims from recycled fish food bags. Mayas toy box was actually on sale as a waste paper bin or pot plant holder but i think it looks cute in her room!

Thanks Mum, love you..xx

Our new laundry basket at the bottom of my 'laundry shoot'. We play 'hoops' whenever we have dirty laundry....


Sunday, April 25, 2010

my wedding anniversary!

Justin and I Now after seven years
( a bit older, a few more wrinkles and less hair.. he he)
My Dad and I on our wedding day
Justin and I on signing our marriage papers

Hi everyone,
I hope you are having a lovely ANZAC weekend! LEST WE FORGET! We have been so lucky to have gorgeous weather up here on the Gold Coast!

Today is actually my 7th wedding anniversary.... how time flies when your having fun! We have had a wonderful seven years together and have learnt so much about each other through hard times but mostly good times. I know that we will have many mores decades of a happy life together watching our kids grow.

We are not doing much today, but its nice just spending time together at home with our two gorgeous children. I have been looking through some wedding photos this morning reminiscing about the past. xx


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lest we forget...

matildas room

Have you ever seen such an elegant baby girls bedroom! This is my best friend Sophie's nursery for her daughter Matilda, she has a very keen eye for design and loved designing this nursery throughout her pregnancy.

The beautiful cot is by Leander Design and retails for around $1700. As stylish as it is, it is very practical; it transforms right through to a full size bed. See the picture below:

Her beautiful chest of drawers and chandelier is by Bella Maison Designs which stocks gorgeous french antique style furniture.

The bedroom is so classic and simple but it just goes to show with the right furniture any room can look amazing!!! Well done Soph, I love it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

How our ideas evolve TAKE 2! And shopping!

The other day I started to blog about how our ideas get turned into a piece of clothing.

Well......the illustration that I started with hasn't made our final cut so I am going to start the post again but this time the illustration is by our most favourite graphic artist ever Krystal Maree Designs.

So here we go again -

Step 1: Design the garment. This time round we have chosen a babies romper.
Step 2: Sit around a table with our graphic artist (Krystal Maree Designs - another plug!! ) and mesh together our ideas to see what we come up with.....we draw, we play with pantone colours, we look through books for inspiration and we drink a lot of coke.
Step 3: Krystal emails through a final sketch...

Step 4: We either say wooo hooo or yuck! - This time we said wooo hooo!
Step 5: Krystal gets busy and works her magic on the MacBook Pro..............
Step 6: Waaaa Laaaaa - a hooded babies romper is born that you will be seeing in 2011!

Now jacqui and I get the oh so fun task of getting an industrial patterns and size specification sheets made up ready for our manufacturer. I much prefer the design process rather than the pattern making process - but without it there would be no need for the design process!!

Of course there are loads more details that need taking care of like labels, swing tags, getting fabric samples, choosing accessories like buttons press studs etc the list goes on and on and on and on...............................I have never been busier in my whole life than I am now but I love it!!

Yesterday I had to go to Burleigh to visit one of our local stockists Dragonfly, they are in James Street which has all these awesome little boutiques popping up everywhere. My favourite shop is LeDeux. I have bought way to pairs of jeans from there, another pair added to my collection yesterday! I actually got a tad sad today when i thought about all my jeans i will have to leave behind when we move to Bali! So sad!!

After my James Street fix I met Jac and Krystal at the Boat Shed restaurant in Currumbin - "business meeting" wink wink.....anyway I told Krystal about James Street and as she doesn't come to this end of the coast much decided that a shop was in away she went....

Between us I think we did alright!

Cool card handmade by eighty days.
Jeans by Neuw.
Key Chain from Le Deux.
Betsy Blond Camera necklace from Raggedy Anne Boutique.
Yuka the robot from Monsoon.

To name a few.......

Have a lovely weekend.....


Thursday, April 22, 2010

what a beautiful day for soccer!

Hi everyone,
Today my little boy Kai is starting "Squirts" soccer! We registered him yesterday and he received a little soccer ball and a shirt. He is so excited, he ran around the lounge room last night kicking the ball yelling with his little lisp "Look at this sick soccer trick mum, its awesome!"ha ha. Its for 3 - 5 year olds and it teaches them all of the skills that are needed to play the game. My husband and I really found it hard to find something that we thought that Kai would get into and enjoy. We tried swimming a few times over the last 3 years and all of these occasions ended in Kai screaming and choking back water! He hates been forced to do anything, he is such a cautious little guy. It has taken him until this summer season just to get into our pool at home and he is 4! His Daddy always played soccer growing up, so when we heard about this program, we thought it might be a winner! I will update you with photos tonight.

If you are interested in soccer for your little one, there are programs throughout Australia especially for these little guys. There is Tiny Soccer or Squirts soccer here on the Gold Coast, but just call up your local soccer club and i am sure they will point you in the right direction!
here is a photo of Kai yesterday with his mini soccer ball he wont let go of!

OK so we are home from soccer now and he absolutely LOVED IT!!! He concentrated on all of the tasks he was given (which his teacher cant even get him to sit and listen for 5 minutes! ha ha) he looked like he was having a ball. We bought him little soccer boots and shin pads which he wore until bath time... very cute! get your toddler active.. its so much fun to watch!


Today my little girl Lily started gymnastics. I was so proud of her! She has been asking me all week whether it is the day she starts gymnastics and today I could finally say "yes Lil, its after school today! yey!".
I have been trying to resist enrolling her, simply because our lives are just so crazily busy at the moment! She kept teaching herself how to do cart wheels, round offs and the splits and every one that saw her said "Oh you have to put her into Gymnastics!" Nippers has just finished for this year, so I figured I should let her give it a go. Sports is really important to Justin and I, we were always involved in a variety of sports and i think it can teach children a lot and not to mention keep them happy and healthy.
she started today in level 1, which goes for 2 whole hours! It looked exhausting but fun. they did push ups, stretches, summersaults, climbing, twisting... you name it!
The most important thing though is that she had lots of fun and wants to go back again next week.
these arent great photos...sorry xx

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Baby Bumbo Sitter

Has anyone tried the Baby BUMBO sitter? I didnt get to use one when my kids were babies, but I know that Kate had one and loved it!! She was given it by one of our close friends that highly recommended it and had Maya in it all the time as her high chair, she placed it on the coffee table to feed her or just to support her and keep her occupied so that Kate could do a bit of house work. There was so many times that I really needed to put Kai or Lily down and didnt want to place them on the floor...this little chair would have been perfect! Even taking the Bumbo to a restaurant would save the hassle of finding a high chair. They are such a simple idea but so effective and really support the baby well. You can purchase these from "Toys R us" and any major baby stores for around $100.

Most babies begin to show signsthat they are ready to sit upindependently around five toseven months of age. Beforethis time their core muscles arenot developed to be strongenough to support the body.Until recently, typical baby"sitter' products that parentscould use included jumpers,exersaucers, bouncy seats, andswings – and, of course, astroller or sling!With the creation of the Bumbobaby seat parents have onemore choice for placing theirbabies while taking a shower,doing household chores,working at a computer, orwhatever parents need to dowith two hands.

Bumbo Baby Seat

The Bumbo baby seat is so simple that it's startling that no one invented one sooner. Shaped to conform to a baby's pelvis, the Bumbo holds the infant in an upright position with a smooth, thick foam that envelops the pelvis and bottom area, keeping the baby upright and stable. Infants must have complete head control before being strong enough for a Bumbo sitter chair, so the norm is around three to four months of age for starting to use the item.

As with any baby product that parents use as a substitute for a human holding the child, the Bumbo seat should never be used without adult supervision. The device is extremely portable, though, and can be moved from room to room or taken on road trips to be used while the parent is doing an activity that requires two hands or if the parent needs a break from holding baby.

Some Cautions to Consider when using The Baby Bumbo Sitter

Because the baby Bumbo sitter envelops the child so well, and gives the child a clear, upright position from which to sit, the device can be a bit deceptive in giving the impression of more stability than is really present. Bumbo chairs have higher-than-average product reports of injury resulting from falls – some parents will place the child in the Bumbo baby seat on a countertop, or on a kitchen or dining table.Injuries generally result from two situations: the baby is too close to the edge or the baby has more core muscle strength than the parent realises, and while stretching or shifting weight the child can tip the chair over


  • Designed for infants from three months to one year, the Bumbo seat is uniquely designed according to the baby's posture. It can be used on any flat surface and promotes new opportunities for interaction between you and your child such as eye level feeding.

  • Manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, the Bumbo seat is lightweight and portable, whilst also soft and comfortable for your baby. The outer cover of the sitter is durable and easy to clean, making it safe and hygienic for your child.

  • Bambo Play Tray fits securely to the front of the Bumbo, is made of wipe clean plastic, and Allows Bumbo to be transformed for play and feeding.

  • The Bumbo enables babies to sit upright all by themselves! Bumbo Baby Seats are suitable for babies from as soon as they can support their own heads unaided until they can get out of the seat on their own.