Tuesday, April 20, 2010

our story!

Today I was looking through old files on my mac and found the story we wrote that was inspired by Three Little Trees. I thought that I would pull it out for you all to read it, i forgot how cute it was. For those of you have have bought Three Little Trees garments you will know that you receive native seeds in the little pouches attached to the swing tags. This is so that all the little boys and girls around the world can plant the seeds to help regenerate our world:

Once upon a time in a far away land called Kaixaviah,

there lived a beautiful blue bird called Olive.

One sunny morning Olive awoke to thundering vibrations,

that nearly knocked her off her perch.

She looked up over the hill and saw a sea of angry red

bulldozers. They were chopping down all the trees!

If there were no trees left the land would die. The animals

would have nowhere to live, the children no place to play

and the wild berries no where to grow...

Much to Olive's delight two girls called Maya and Lily

heard her cries for help. Maya had a thought to save the land.

They would hide seeds in all the children’s clothing, so that

the children could plant the seeds to help re-grow the forest

and save Kaixaviah.

The children began to plant the seeds. Olive and the other animals came to

The forest slowlys tarted to grow and soon blossomed.

The land of Kaixaviah was saved!

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