Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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OK now to the "everyday life of three little trees" blogging that we have promised:

(above )My daughter Lily and Kates son Xaviah in Bali, they just love each other!! Its very cute!
Kate and I with some very yummy cocktails.. I cant quite remember what they were though?? he he and some random shots from our holiday - we love bali, love the culture, love the architecture, love the oga ogas and Nyepi day!!

Hi guys,

Well another day has just about gone and we have been busy packing more winter orders! It seems that our winter stock is just flying off the racks and we are already sending re-orders out!

The last few weeks have been exhausting for Kate and I. You have all seen that recently we went to Bali on a family holiday together, which was wonderful..... but right now it seems like that was years ago!! ha ha

We flew in to The Gold Coast airport at about 10:30 am after flying all night from Bali. Poor Justin had to actually go straight to work that morning because he thought we were getting back the day before... he doesn't listen very well, probably like a lot of husbands out there! So we raced home and he had a quick shower and he drove to work. I was left with 4 large suitcases full of dirty washing, a green dirty pool and an over grown lawn and 2 very tired and grumpy children... lucky me! So this day was spent washing, yelling, unpacking, yelling, mowing and cleaning!! aaarrrgggh

while we were away our winter stock was delivered to our warehouse, so I set my alarm the next morning for 7am and I sent my poor kids to school with Jet lag so I could get down and start the huge job of sorting through our range! I felt like the worst mum in the world, but there were so many stores waiting patiently for our clothes, I had to start! I dressed Kai in his uniform while he was still asleep and they ate a muesli bar in the car for breakfast.

I got to the warehouse at about 9am to see a huge sea of boxes!! OMG this was going to take me forever and so I started putting them in some sort of order to start packing our 70 orders the next day!! This was just the start of it in the photo below!
We got all of our main orders out over the weekend with many thanks to some good help from family and friends. I even had poor Justin on the forklift, lifting boxes at 11.30 pm on a Sunday night!!

We have continued packing many new orders over the last couple of weeks and now we are even getting re-orders!!! It is all worth while when you hear that parents and kids love our designs and stores cannot get it up quick enough!! I love my job! To see where you can buy our very cool winter collection please see our stockist page at www.threelittle trees.com.au

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