Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lily lost her first tooth and so did Daddy!

The potato pretending to be a tooth!!
Lily with her gap

Lily lost her first tooth today at school! She was so proud of herself when she got off the school bus and she had kept it safe all day! She had to go to gymnastics straight after school so we wrapped the tooth up safely in a minty wrapper (the only thing we could find in the car!) and she went off to gymnastics.

We came home and got the tooth out of the wrapper and placed it into a glass of water. I said to my husband in front of lily, "Now Daddy this is where Lilys tooth is ready for the tooth fairy to come and collect". showing him the glass, My husband nodded and continued to sip his beer and stir the dinner.

We had dinner and I was about to take the kids to bed when I went to get the glass with the tooth in it BUT........... much to my horror the glass was empty!!!!!
Lily was in the bathroom brushing her remaining teeth and i grabbed Justin discretely and whispered "Where is the tooth that was in this glass?????" he said "OMG was it in THAT glass?!?!?!" (MEN!!!) he ran straight to the kitchen sink hoping that it would still by chance be sitting there amongst the food scraps he had scraped from the plates..... nope, no tooth!!!

What were we going to do? Quick thinking turned me to a potato while Justin stalled Lily in the bathroom. I grabbed the glass, put a small piece of potato in it and filled it with water.
Lily jumped into bed and wanted to see her tooth one last time; I held the glass up from a distance and said "QUICK! You need to go to sleep so the tooth fairy will come" she replied "Mummy I think my tooth must have been thirsty, it has grown a lot bigger in the water!"
Ha ha...... What a relief!!! It worked.
Very funny though!


Little Pinwheel said...

omg.... This is a classic, something that could happen to anyone. Nice one with the whole potato in disguise! Lucky the tooth fairy takes the tooth......better be a good tooth fairy daddy!

Jac and kate said...

I know Hayley! Thank goodness she had shown everyone that she had to before Daddy lost it!! I couldnt believe it when I saw the empty glass!! xx