Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our crazy weather

Crazy crazy weather has been going on here in QLD (and all over the world, what's going on Mother Nature?!)....these pics are around the corner from my home taken yesterday morning...

My 2 boys....the entrance to the surf club can't be seen for the foam!

Is it snowing? Nope just sea foam...

The poor surf club cleaners car got swept away while he was working!

Hard to beleive that these pics were taken yesterday and today there is not one cloud in the sky! The weather today is so beautiful - we even just got back from having ice cream at the beach!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Love Little Pinwheel!

Our newest stockist "little pinwheel" is just so great and thats all there is too it, i love the simplicity of hayleys site, its so clean and crisp and the fact that her husband is a photographer is a big fat bonus cause it makes her site look even greater - if that was even possible!

Hayley and her husband photographed some of our clothes for their blog - check it out HERE
And of course you can purchase our clothes along with heaps of other funky brands HERE

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Project Matryoshka

These are just so cute! I bought the fabric panel from HERE for $27 and whipped them up and stuffed them with organic cotton in under half an hour...I had all intention in putting them in my daughters room but now they sit beautifully in our bookshelf - my house is starting to look like a nursery with all the cute stuff that i buy "for my children's room" but can't bear to part with - even if it is only in the next room....

Here is another "child room buy" that has ended up in our lounge room....Amanda from My Munchkin Home is so friendly and has loads of wall decals that you will fall in love with!!!