Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Love Little Pinwheel!

Our newest stockist "little pinwheel" is just so great and thats all there is too it, i love the simplicity of hayleys site, its so clean and crisp and the fact that her husband is a photographer is a big fat bonus cause it makes her site look even greater - if that was even possible!

Hayley and her husband photographed some of our clothes for their blog - check it out HERE
And of course you can purchase our clothes along with heaps of other funky brands HERE


one yellow jumpsuit said...

I love your geisha dress. Thankyou for designing such creative clothes. From Hannah

Stephanie and Carlos said...

I went past My Messy Room and guess whose designs were hanging in the display window??!! They look fantastic! We also received our dress in the mail last week... it is beautiful... I'll be adding a mentio to my blog soon!!

xo Steph