Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our crazy weather

Crazy crazy weather has been going on here in QLD (and all over the world, what's going on Mother Nature?!)....these pics are around the corner from my home taken yesterday morning...

My 2 boys....the entrance to the surf club can't be seen for the foam!

Is it snowing? Nope just sea foam...

The poor surf club cleaners car got swept away while he was working!

Hard to beleive that these pics were taken yesterday and today there is not one cloud in the sky! The weather today is so beautiful - we even just got back from having ice cream at the beach!

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Jessi said...

gosh that car photograph is AMAZING!! I wonder why it had not been retrieved yet!! Gorgeous photos! Beautiful colors!

hmm my word verification is mistom.. i have a master tom living at mine, not a miss!