Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today my little girl Lily started gymnastics. I was so proud of her! She has been asking me all week whether it is the day she starts gymnastics and today I could finally say "yes Lil, its after school today! yey!".
I have been trying to resist enrolling her, simply because our lives are just so crazily busy at the moment! She kept teaching herself how to do cart wheels, round offs and the splits and every one that saw her said "Oh you have to put her into Gymnastics!" Nippers has just finished for this year, so I figured I should let her give it a go. Sports is really important to Justin and I, we were always involved in a variety of sports and i think it can teach children a lot and not to mention keep them happy and healthy.
she started today in level 1, which goes for 2 whole hours! It looked exhausting but fun. they did push ups, stretches, summersaults, climbing, twisting... you name it!
The most important thing though is that she had lots of fun and wants to go back again next week.
these arent great photos...sorry xx

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