Friday, April 23, 2010

How our ideas evolve TAKE 2! And shopping!

The other day I started to blog about how our ideas get turned into a piece of clothing.

Well......the illustration that I started with hasn't made our final cut so I am going to start the post again but this time the illustration is by our most favourite graphic artist ever Krystal Maree Designs.

So here we go again -

Step 1: Design the garment. This time round we have chosen a babies romper.
Step 2: Sit around a table with our graphic artist (Krystal Maree Designs - another plug!! ) and mesh together our ideas to see what we come up with.....we draw, we play with pantone colours, we look through books for inspiration and we drink a lot of coke.
Step 3: Krystal emails through a final sketch...

Step 4: We either say wooo hooo or yuck! - This time we said wooo hooo!
Step 5: Krystal gets busy and works her magic on the MacBook Pro..............
Step 6: Waaaa Laaaaa - a hooded babies romper is born that you will be seeing in 2011!

Now jacqui and I get the oh so fun task of getting an industrial patterns and size specification sheets made up ready for our manufacturer. I much prefer the design process rather than the pattern making process - but without it there would be no need for the design process!!

Of course there are loads more details that need taking care of like labels, swing tags, getting fabric samples, choosing accessories like buttons press studs etc the list goes on and on and on and on...............................I have never been busier in my whole life than I am now but I love it!!

Yesterday I had to go to Burleigh to visit one of our local stockists Dragonfly, they are in James Street which has all these awesome little boutiques popping up everywhere. My favourite shop is LeDeux. I have bought way to pairs of jeans from there, another pair added to my collection yesterday! I actually got a tad sad today when i thought about all my jeans i will have to leave behind when we move to Bali! So sad!!

After my James Street fix I met Jac and Krystal at the Boat Shed restaurant in Currumbin - "business meeting" wink wink.....anyway I told Krystal about James Street and as she doesn't come to this end of the coast much decided that a shop was in away she went....

Between us I think we did alright!

Cool card handmade by eighty days.
Jeans by Neuw.
Key Chain from Le Deux.
Betsy Blond Camera necklace from Raggedy Anne Boutique.
Yuka the robot from Monsoon.

To name a few.......

Have a lovely weekend.....


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