Monday, April 26, 2010

Mayas new toy box...

My aunty and uncle recently visited from Michigan in the States and mum took them down to Murwillumbah for the day - there they discovered lots of interesting shops that have popped up.....Organic Revolution was one of them and mum bought maya a new "toy box" which i am in love with - so much so that mum gave me the laundry basket that she had bought as well!
They are fair trade and made in Cambodia by landmine victims from recycled fish food bags. Mayas toy box was actually on sale as a waste paper bin or pot plant holder but i think it looks cute in her room!

Thanks Mum, love you..xx

Our new laundry basket at the bottom of my 'laundry shoot'. We play 'hoops' whenever we have dirty laundry....


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