Friday, April 16, 2010

Ice skating!

Last week X's report card came in the mail - highest mark for every single thing! So he got to choose something fun to do - he picked ice skating! He's never been before so i was a little worried that his little bubble would burst as soon as he found out he couldn't stand up - but he proved me wrong. I am so proud of him, not because he could do it by the end but because he didn't give up. I couldn't even count how many times he fell over but he just kept on getting up and trying again. At one stage Tane and I were sitting down on the side lines having a drink when we noticed him missing - he was already half way around the rink by himself!

Ice skating must be like riding a bike because i haven't done it for so many years but it didn't take long to get back into the swing of it. Tane used to play ice hockey at school in NZ so he was showing off and X thought his daddy was very cool!

So much fun!! Sorry about the blurry photos, RIP my very missed camera, iphone pics for now.

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Little Pinwheel said...

don't you just love children... they never stop surprising us. They are capable of doing a lot more then we ever give them credit for and they don't give up!

Congrats on the report card! : )