Friday, September 25, 2009

Three Little Trees in Vietnam

Fishing village mothers checking out their new Three Little Trees clothes...

While in Vietnam over the last couple of weeks we went to visit a fishing village. I was amazed!

There are 166 people that live on this floating village - they rarely go to the mainland. The have a clinic there for births, dogs that jump from floating house to floating house...they have a primary school and when they reach the age of 13 they choose if they want to continue school - if they do; they move to the mainland, away from their families........hardly any of them choose to leave! So a lot of the people that live there spend their entire lives there. They make their living fishing for the restaurants on the mainland and cruising in their tinnies out to the big tourist boats to sell them cigarettes, biscuits & shells.

I had taken some Three Little Trees clothing over with me in hopes of making it to an orphanage but when at the village i gave them the clothes instead. They were thrilled!


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