Sunday, January 31, 2010

starting school!!

I am sure there are plenty of Mums and Dads out there that waived their beautiful children goodbye last week to go back to school, some i am sure were relieved after the big school holiday break, but for some it was the start of a new stage in their life and i certainly had a little moment where I thought my baby was suddenly a big boy now, which was very strange.

My children Lily and Kai were so excited they couldn't wait! Kai tried on his new school uniform every day last week and even wanted to wear it to swimming lessons!! He was starting in the ELC program which is composite pre school and kindergarten. Its a great idea and he loves being at school already with his big sister Lil!! This pictures were when I picked them up after his first day. One sock up, one sock down, colar up and shirt out.. ha ha.... a true little boy. He was lucky enough to be starting with his best mate Seamus and they stick together like glue!!!

Lily has been great also, she sat and ate her lunch with
the boys and said she kept checking on Kai in his classroom, and reported back to me each afternoon, she is very sweet.
Second day of school they were both begging me to catch the school bus, so we put them on the private school bus (this only goes to their school) and they both had a HUGE grin on their face, plonked themselves behind Mr Brown their wonderful bus driver and off they went. I called the school twice during the day to make certain they would get on the bus in the afternoon and much to my relief at 3.45pm I could see their little faces in the front seat of the bus waving madly at me from 100m down the road. Kai said "It was great Mummy, very bumpy though!"
Its now Sunday night and Lily is sound asleep, but Kai keeps walking out to me asking "Is it time for school yet Mummy?"
So to all those kindergarten and prep kids out there, "well done guys, its a huge exciting step you have all made last week and there are many great times ahead for you all".

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Bonita said...

love the smiles!! so cute!