Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A view of where Three little Trees are made

Myself, Our manufacturer Herbert and Kate

Kate and I had a fantastic time in China and Hong Kong, it really opened our eyes to a very different but very polite and friendly culture! We could not get over how welcoming EVERYONE was over there; everywhere we walked people were calling out "hello...welcome to China!". We were like celebrities, I guess because we were in a very business orientated district, it was quite rare for them to see 3 Aussie females in sun dresses! he he. Even walking down the street in front of our hotel, we would see people walking out of their shop to see us!

Most of all though, It was great being able to meet all of the wonderful people behind our Three Little Trees Production! Our factory was full of happy, smiling faces and it was so interesting seeing how our designs evolve into garments! Take a look!

Our Manufacturer Herbert and My Mum. He showed us such great hospitality and all the sights of "Real China"
Happy faces in our factory
Another happy face sewing another label
One of the pattern makers
Head of Production

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