Monday, September 13, 2010

It's been a while!

Woooow I didn't realise how long it has been since we wrote on our blog - so much for the every day post that we talked about a while ago..

Life is crazy at the moment, so much going on. My husband is working in Karratha for 4 - 6 weeks at a time and comes home for 6 days in between stints. Our summer stock gets here any day now so we have been busy preparing for that. We are moving both of our families to Bali soon so Jac has been over there looking for houses etc.

On that topic - we move on the 1st of Feb so we didn't know what to do about Christmas this year. It can't be a big one because we can't take much with us so last night we sat down and emailed Santa to tell him our's what happened:

From: Kate Samson []
Sent: Monday, 13 September 2010 4:44 PM
To: Caroline hamilton (AKA kate's mum, AKA Santa)
Subject: santa cheque
Dear Santa,
I hope your getting excited for christmas time. We were just thinking, and because we are moving to Bali and cant take much stuff on the plane, we were wondering if it would be ok if we got a santa cheque instead of some toys? Because then we can buy some toys in bali.
I promise ill be a good boy and good girl..well maybe she wont be good but i will the way do you still go to bali? I hope you do. How are the elves?
See ya, bye
can you please email me back if you have time

From: Caroline Hamilton (AKA kate's mum, AKA Santa)
Subject: RE: santa cheque
Date: 13 September 2010 8:58:06 PM

Dear Xaviah,
Thank you for your email, Mrs Claus told me it had arrived, I am still not very good with computers so she is helping me and the elves are trying to teach me as well!
Yes, I am very excited that Christmas is getting closer and soon we will be very busy checking all our lists and getting everything ready. The elves are working hard but they seem very happy, they love making the toys for all the children. The reindeers have had a lovely rest since last Christmas.
Wow, are you moving to Bali? I love Bali, yes I still go to there, it is very hot so Mrs Claus made me a nice summer suit to wear. I will write on my list that you will be there not this Christmas but the next. You are so lucky to be going to live in Bali, wait till I tell the elves and Mrs Claus they will be so excited for you.
I think a Santa cheque is a really good idea, yes a very good idea, then you can get your toys in Bali and won’t have to leave them behind in Australia when you leave. You will have to tell Mummy and Daddy what you want with the Santa cheque when you get to Bali. I have just a couple of small things here for you already, so I will still bring them on Christmas day just so you know I haven’t forgotten you!
Xaviah I know you will be a very good boy, you have been such a good boy for Mummy since Daddy had to go away to work, I am very proud of you… as for that sister of yours…..sometimes I can hear her get a bit cranky…she is loud isn’t she? Could you tell her about the Santa cheque and that I have a couple of small things for her as well that I will bring on Christmas day because I know she is going to be a good girl.
Well my dear Xaviah I had better go and tell the elves all the news about you and Maya, have fun living in Bali, I have heard there is a really fun school there called “the Green School” maybe you can get Mummy and daddy to have a look at it if you haven’t already chosen a school to go to, it looks really cool.
Hope you and Maya get something you love with the Santa cheque.
Lots of love

Xaviah has a nasty virus at the moment and didnt want to get out of bed this morning but after I read him this email he was ecstatic. He has since then made me count his pocket money in his money box because he wants to "be a saving boy" and save his money to put with his santa cheque. He said "ooooo mum do you reckon Santa might even give me "a 50 buck"?"

So cute!


Bec Watts | Yummy Mummies & Mini Me said...

hehe, that is just so precious! good luck with the organising and everything else for the big move girls! xx

Ali {Mummahh} said...

Thats so cute!
good luck with your move, im jealous i wish i was moving there too! a 2 week holiday there was simply not enough!

Anonymous said...

wow! I don't know you but love your design. We lived in Bali 7 years ago! Sorry to ask this, did you move for bussiness purpose? I know the garment there are great and I noticed some of your collection are made in Indonesia. Ari

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I've really enjoyed your posts and your products! My family & I are planning to move to Bali Next year (very excited). When you get settled and have spare time (Ha Ha!) I would love to know some tips about planning and moving to Bali. Hope the move goes really well. Nicole from Adelaide, SA

We are Jac and kate said...

Hi Ari,
Yeah we are moving because of business but also so that the kids can go to the Green School!!

Nicole:Sure - whats your email address and ill email you!..