Sunday, July 18, 2010

Winter days

When Summer is here my family and I are at the beach or outdoors everyday.....

When Winter comes around we neglect the outdoors way to much.
Winter days on the Gold Coast are so beautiful and I've decided to make the most of the wintery feelings and get out there before we move to Bali! I know, I know - it's not as cold as some places....but I am not a Winter person AT ALL. I do still think it will be hard for me to be in Bali heat all year round...I know that maya will have sweaty wet hair all day long and X will smell like a smelly little school boy......

......but I say bring it on!!

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Ali {Mummahh} said...

although its winter the days up here in QLD have been beautiful..
we are still visiting the beach but not as often as we do in Summer also! so jealous your moving to Bali! im going there in 4 weeks!
Bring on Summer!
Gorgeous pics xx