Saturday, June 5, 2010

Brisbane & Birds...

On friday I went up to Semi Permenant Conference in Brisbane with our Graphic artist Krystal which was so great! Its so cool to hear other designers stories and where they get their inspirations from. After SP we went to the Banksy movie - Exit through the gift shop. At the Tribal Theatre. It is the coolest theatre that still has heaps of it's old character! As for the banksy movie - FUNNY, it was a crack up!

Anyway, on the way home we went past the Nerang Pet Barn....if I get something in my head I generally don't rest until I get it or do it. So off we went back to the pet barn first thing in the morning to get some hermit crabs (I didn't want anything too full on as we are moving to Bali soon).....It's a great pet store. I don't usually like going to them because of the fact that animals are kept behind glass etc but I dont "really" get that feeling at this one. They seem really well cared for and clean.

We had a cool time looking at all of the different pets. We quickly decided against Hermit Crabs and started looking for something more exciting. Kittens and puppies - no, too hard to re home when we leave. Xaviah had his heart set on a scorpion but I wasn't too keen on that idea. Then he wanted a snake, but we had an 8 ft python when he was a baby so I didn't want to go there again, I wanted something we hadn't had before.

My sisters boyfriend is finch obsessed and is the most lovely father to his finches so we decided on finches so that we can easily re-home them when we leave. I usually wouldn't ever get a pet that has to be caged, I cant even keep fish because I feel bad for them in their tank - we often buy fish but always end up giving them to my dad who has a big outdoor pond when my guilt kicks in. So what i'm thinking is that these birds are bred in cages, if they were let out in the wild they would die and i figure they are better off in our home rather than a cramped pet store cage, so i'm ok with it........for now.
We are letting them out of their cage (with mirrors covered, doors closed and our kitty outside) for daily excersice so I think they will be happy little critters.

So now we have 2 little finches....."Lightening Bolt" (above) and "Rosie".


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