Saturday, June 12, 2010

Home alone!

Hi guys!

Sorry there hasnt been much blogging this week, it has been hectic! Poor little Xaviah, Kates son has been in hospital sick and we have both been very busy getting ready to go to China on Wednesday! Xaviah is out of hospital now and all better thank goodness!

I am sitting at home alone 2 beautiful kids and husband have flown down south of Sydney to stay with Nanny and Poppy while I go overseas. Its funny because I should be loving it tonight, no kids, no washing and sleep ins? BUT I really miss them already! I really dont know what to do with myself! I am always so busy running around after them, that you forget what to do when you take them out of the picture?

I did go for a nice walk this morning, It was so fresh and gorgeous! I love people watching and just thinking... my thoughts just roll when I am walking. I always think about funny little things the kids do and say, I also kept thinking about meeting the little orphans in China and hoping that my heart will be strong enough to get through it. I am so grateful to all our Three Little Trees fans out there that have been so generous, we have got teddy bears, blankets, plenty of clothes and over $1300! Its just fantastic!

There is so much to organise before going overseas, I get nervous that I am goingto forget something! At least with the kids gone over the next few days, I can start laying things out and packing without getting peanut butter fingers over everything.

Ooooh I almost forgot to Congratulate our last month blog follower winner who won a $50 gift voucher "Ms B Andrews". Yey, the next winner will be announced on the 30th June!

Have a great weekend. xx

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