Saturday, June 5, 2010

UFO Sighting!!

Most of you probably saw on the news yesterday that there were several sightings of a bright spiraling light early yesterday morning around 6am that could be seen all the way from Canberra up to the Sunshine Coast? Unexpectedly, I got to see it too while boarding a flight to Sydney at Coolangatta Airport! It was amazing, like nothing I have ever seen before..... I could see the light trailing around it like a little galaxy. It was not going fast enough to be a shooting star and not at all like a plane or helicopter? It looked like it was floating across the sky as it was spinning. I quickly got my phone out so I could take pictures to show you all!
There was an article written with the ABC yesterday that said it was most likely some space junk or a part of an asteroid or a rocket? I think it was still pretty amazing though!

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