Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandparents Day

Today was grandparents day at Kai and Xaviahs school and their kindergarten class put on an afternoon tea for all the grandparents. The aim of today was to teach the young children how to serve! As harsh as this sounds, I thought the idea behind it was great. Kids are so spoilt these days and often lose a lot of respect for their elders. The children had to ensure all of their guests were comfortable and were enjoying themselves and were offering plates of food. My poor little boy Kai didnt quite get the concept and the temptation of chocolate muffins and chips really got to him! The children were not allowed to eat any of the treats them selves, they were only for the guests. Every time the teacher turned her back Kai was at the food table eying of the goodies.
They sung a beautiful song, "Never smile at a crocodile" and showed us all what they have been doing in class.
We took Nanna Lillie from across the road, because Kai's true grandparents live a long way away, Lillie loved it and was very touched by the invite. I think its great to involve family and friends in their school activities.
Xaviah had his Nanny and Papa there and really enjoyed showing off his great work and did a fantastic job of being a host.

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