Sunday, May 30, 2010

Precious Families

Our precious Family
Our beautiful children!

My husband Justin

Myself with my Dad.

Thinking about visiting JinJiang Orphanage makes me really think how lucky we are and how nice it is to have a wonderful healthy family! I showed the photos of the children in the orphanage to my kids and the first thing Kai said is "Why dont they have a Mummy and Daddy? We can just be their Mummy and Daddy and give them cuddles." He actually had tears in his eyes when he was telling my husband! And I thought, wow! I must be doing something right if my 4 year old son can be so humane and passionate about others in this world. I was remembering back to my child hood too and remembered fishing and camping with my sister and parents and I know Justin too had a very happy family orientated up bringing that he loved. I was sorting through old photos and found a funny little story that I actually wrote in 1987 about families! I cant believe I still have it! I really think it is so important that we start by looking at the treasures that we have in front of us and teach them about other children in this world that perhaps don't have a family. I cannot wait to give to the children of Jinjiang Orphanage and see the smles on their face when they receive the generous donations that many of you have been so generous to give! If you are still thinking about donating, you can now do it through Crowdrise or send any small gifts to: 11 Wheeler Crescent, Currumbin Waters QLD 4223.

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