Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our style sushi!

Yum, I LOVE sushi but I don't really love Seaweed - neither do Tane, Xaviah or Maya...so we make our own style of sushi.

You have to make sure to use rice especially for sushi so that it sticks together.

Instead of seaweed we use Mountain Wraps for the base.

This is Xaviahs favourite part! You can put whatever you want in it....we put snow peas, avocado, chicken, carrot and most importantly Kewpie Sushi Mayo! Although it's Xaviahs favourite part to FILL them with vegies he won't EAT any with vegies in them so we make plain as well!

You are left with these long rolls which when cut make the yummiest Sushi ever!

Our dinner!

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