Monday, May 24, 2010




Today I scheduled in being a mum.... no work (well only a few emails he he) and a bit of house work, I kept my little boy Kai home from pre school and we had a really nice day! I took him to our local play group that he absolutely LOVES and I got to catch up with lots of friends that I don't get to see very often while having a nice cuppa and a scone. I could not believe how excited Kai was to be there! He spent the whole 2 hours racing around madly on a little bike, traipsing through the garden looking for bugs and giggling!

I have been trying to keep him home one or two days a week lately from school; his teacher suggested that it might be a good idea. His quite young for his age and was getting quite tired and distracted at school. Its funny how children can be so different, my daughter is very advanced and independent for her age and always needs to be challenged and certainly never likes to be helped, which I admire, she is amazing. Where as Kai is a real cruiser and is only just becoming interested in drawing and the alphabet over the last month, but he is very sensitive and cuddly and doesn't like doing things for himself. Both of my children are really beautiful in their own ways and I am really enjoying getting to know their unique personalities as they blossom and grow.

Kai is really benefiting from spending some one on one time with me and I think he is learning quite a bit just doing day to day activities at home. His teacher is really happy with his progress as well and says that he is much more attentive when he is in class now and is more interactive in class activities. Being a teacher has to be hard work, but I think she is doing a good job at treating each child individually and working out what is best!

We went from play group and had lunch at "Kirramisu" cafe on Kirra Beach front with one of my lovely friends Steph and her daughter Hazel. Its a beautiful spot and has great food! The staff were really patient with the kids too, which all of you mums know how hard it is to find a child friendly cafe!

By this time our day was just about over, we went home for some quiet time while I checked a few emails (i cant help myself) and went and picked Lily up from the bus to go to swimming lessons.

My little man was sound asleep about 5 minutes after leaving swimming! bless!

All in all it was a lovely simple day, being a mum.... which I really miss sometimes! xx

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