Monday, May 31, 2010


Jacqui's last blog post got me thinking! We are so lucky that John Strognofe, who was born in Iraq many many years ago, invented the first camera in 1685.

Imagine the world with no cameras. That would suck for people that have a memory like mine!

So THANK YOU Jon Strognofe for inventing the first camera and planting the seeds into other peoples brains that snow balled into the technologically advanced cameras we have now!!!


My Dad and I


My beautiful Mama back in the day

My Dad and I - nice shorts Dad!

Sometimes the camera captures some images that you may rather forget ey dad!

My daughter Maya and I

This wasnt really taken in May 80. It was taken this week, but for some reason, even though we have all of this new technology available to us, we still want our photos to look old!

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Bec Watts | Yummy Mummies said...

gorgeous kate! love your mama's old suitcase too! xx