Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stealing Hayley's idea!!

One of our favourite retailers Little Pinwheel has the most awesome blog. If you havent read it you MUST go and become a follower! Hayley writes about deep personal things in her life that a lot of people wouldn't have courage to go near as well as snippets of her cute little families every day life!
When I read one of Hayleys latest blog posts it made me realise that I too am always behind the camera and that I do not have nearly enough photos with my children. I am completely 100% stealing Hayleys idea for this week and taking a photo of myself with my child/children each day of the week.

I will not post them everyday because I DO NOT like being in front of the camera AT ALL but at least Xaviah and Maya will have heaps of photos to look back on when they get older!

Thanks for the kick up the bum Hayley!!


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Nat Kringoudis said...

Who would blame you for wanting to pinch her ideas! I think Hayley has inspired many - she has done the same here - with showing me its great to be open in my blog - and people LOVE to read that! And in your case, SEE that! Im sure she will be flattered! Beautiful photos and beautiful memories. x