Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sunset at currumbin Beach

Playing our stone game
Daddy and Lil heading down to the beach
Kai having fun!

Lil after her surf
Surfers Paradise in the distance

Little Surfer Girl Lily
Lily and Kai
I was impressed with this sunset surf shot!

What a perfect afternoon! Justin finished work earlier than usual so we took the kids down to our local gorgeous beach at Currumbin for a play and surf. Lily is just learning how to surf and loves it, but to be honest I think that my husband loves that his little princess surfs even more! She is amazing though, no fear at all and great balance! The waves were only little today but lots of fun for lil. Kai is not interested in surfing yet, but loves climbing the rocks and running in and out of the water like most 4 year old boys do!

It was really nice to just sit and watch.... especially after what I wrote about yesterday, it was really nice taking a couple of hours to watch my family having fun and just being them!
"The Alley" is such a unique place, the rocks are gorgeous and the back drop of Surfers Paradise seems surreal against the blue tranquil sea!

Justin had made a game up last time he took the kids to the beach that they love and we all had a little play. You draw a circle in the sand then another bigger one around it and dig a small hole right in the center (sort of like a dart board) then about 5 meters away we draw a line and we get 2 stones each and we have to try and get bulls eye. ha ha. Very simple but great family fun!

once the sun hit the mountains the chill in the air was freezing... we all ran for the car with the nice warm heater and headed home for baths and dinner! xx

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Little Pinwheel said...

what a lovely afternoon at the beach. I love the surfy girl shots! enjoy your weekend xx